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Enxymix Complete Chewables - 180 Chewables (Natural Cherry Flavor!) Enxymix GFCF (90 Capsules)
Chewable Enzymes to aid in digestion

Enxymix Complete™ Chewables offers a convenient choice for kids and adults who may prefer a chewable tablet. This broad-spectrum enzyme formula can assist in the breakdown of a wide range of proteins, peptides, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fibers. Serratia peptidase helps protect GI tissues against inflammation. Enzymes with DPP-IV activity and a full range of disaccharidases are included.

Taken right before meal this formula helps replace naturally occurring enzymes that are destroyed in highly processed or cooked foods.
Enzymes to aid in digestion

Enxymix GFCF™ provides a superior blend of natural plant enzymes active in a broad pH range to aid in food digestion.
  • Protease breaks down protein, amylase breaks down starch
  • lipase breaks down fat
  • cellulase breaks down fiber
  • lactase breaks down lactose (milk sugar)
  • Papain and bromelain are primarily protein digesting enzymes

Taken with meals, this formula helps replace naturally-occurring enzymes that are destroyed in highly processed and cooked foods.
Essential Immune Support Kit (Neuro-Immune Infection Control, Methylation Pro Topical, Vitamin D3+K2 Cofactor)

All-in-One Immune System Supplements

Supercharge your immune system and protect yourself from viruses with the ultimate immune system supplements kit.

How can the 'Essential Immune Support Kit' p
rotect you and your family from the flu and viruses year-round?
The kit combines minerals, Vitamin D and
our unique potent blend of vitamins for immune system enhancement
All products within the 'Essential Immune System Supplement Kit' are designed by a qualified physician
and manufactured under GMP standards. This guarantees the quality and excellence of all of Neurobiologix's immune system products.

The Neurobiologix Immune Supplements Support Kit includes the following products:

(1) Neuro-Immune Infection Control
Methylation Pro Topical
Vitamin D3 + K2 Cofactor Complex